About Chancellor Tech

Chancellor Tech & it's associates and business partners, have over 30 years of experience in the technical, manufacturing and supply chain operations. They have used computers for various business purposes like CAD modeling, engineering drawings & techincal documentation, inventory control, accounting and project management.

The team at Chancellor Tech is proficient in many packages and programmes and it is also able to make programmes & applications in langauges and packages like MS-EXCEL, Python, JavaScript, R & SQL.

Chancellor Tech actively promotes dissemination of the latest Cyber Security knowledge & practices. The principals and associates of Chancellor Tech are certified Cyber security practitioners with apt technical knowledge and awareness of modern best practices.

Chancellor Tech is associated with Mr. Amar Bose. Amar is based in Melbourne and has over 15 years of experience in programming with C# & C++ for Windows and MacOS applications. He can write native applications using the Windows framework or the cross platform C++ library: Qt.

Chancellor Tech is a business partner of Mr. Nirbhay Gargya of NCG Corporate Engineers Pvt. Ltd. NCG specializes in Supply Chain services including Engineering, Manufacturing & Sourcing solutions. It manufactures and exports fencing products from it's factory in Chandigarh, India.
The NCG team consists of qualified and experienced Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineers and Production specialists who provide engineering, sourcing & manufacturing solutions to clients in Europe & Australia.

Chancellor Tech is associated with Mr. Rami Hanspal of Electronics Repair Hub, Melbourne . Rami has over 30 years of experience in repairing various types of alanogue and digital electronics and has worked as a repair technician in electronic companies of international repute for many years.

Image: Rendered 3D CAD Model of a siren